Monday, June 11, 2012

Surreal Sculpture Artist - Enchantment

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            Bring Enchantment into Your Live           

Bring Enchantment into your Life! The Surrealist movement of give live.

I'm a Surreal Sculpture Artist Since man started sculpting and painting he has been creating otherworldly figures from a fertile imagination full of fear, romance and superstition. 

Strange creatures and spirits have leapt, danced and fornicated in our art and our imaginations forever. 
I love this bizarre fantasy aspect of our psyche and have produced a number of both dark and humourous sculptures that I have allowed to leap out of my imagination. Taking time out to express myself sculpturally in this way has unexpectedly brought great rewards in the form of awards and recognition. I have had the honour of being featured in the highly respected international publication Spectrum for the last five years and won a silver award in their Dimensional category in 2005. 

Sculpture Artist

saatchi sculpture

                                         Bring Enchantment into Your Life!  the surrealist movement of give live